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What You'll Learn

The Art of Teaching Yoga

The 90 Monkeys Yoga Teacher Training is a broad dive into the techniques, philosophies and practices of yoga and is both a stand-alone exploration but also the starting point for our 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate, should you wish to continue on to teach yoga professionally.

Our yoga embraces three values:
Life Affirming Philosophy  •  Integrity in Community  •  Longevity & Alignment

We focus on good form to support longevity and sustainability in the body. Through intelligent alignment principles, sound biomechanics, and a workable understanding of anatomy, it offers a deep, efficacious practice to enhance embodiment.

We value the power of community — one that is inclusive, honest, warm, and kind. We cherish collective support and seek to live with accountability for our energy and actions. We are responsible for the earth and it’s inhabitants and as such, value coming together in person (not just online!).

We start all endeavors saying yes to life — receiving what the world presents us. We wish for humanity to love their life and appreciate the miracle of being alive. We enjoy having fun, value lineage, and believe living a conscious and skillful life is the secret to deep fulfillment.

In this training you will delve into the wonders of yoga, providing a much needed pause from the accelerated nature of the world, while gaining a comprehensive understanding of yoga postures, yoga history, and philosophy. Most importantly you will create a life-long connection to yourself, your life, and a supportive community.

  • • Explore yoga lifestyle, philosophy & well-being.
  • • Learn the history of yoga tradition.
  • • Take the seat of the teacher with greater confidence
  • • Discover the world of personal growth and transformation.
  • • Learn how to inspire students to move from the inside out.
  • • Learn to lead and sequence alignment based vinyasa classes in the 90 Monkeys Yoga method.

What's Included

90 Monkeys Certificate of Completion
Training Sessions
Detailed Training Manual


Tuition Investment




Become a Certified Yoga Teacher and Transform Your Life!

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The first step in your journey to learn alignment based vinyasa yoga is to dive into our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, taught and directed by Amy Ippoliti. Whether you are new to teaching yoga, or are already a 200 Hour graduate from another school, we recommend starting there and then moving on to our 500 Hour Level Advanced Teacher Training modular program!

What to Expect

Amy directs the 90 Monkeys 200 Hour Teacher Training, the origin of the 90 Monkeys overall training curriculum, where new students and veteran teachers alike cultivate a lifelong path of self-discovery and community through the profound teachings of yoga. Her dynamic wisdom and innovative teaching methods are the result of 21 years of teaching and over 30 years of practice.

Amy’s commitment to sharing the vast teachings of yoga, with uncompromising quality and joy, empowers students to develop a unique and authentic relationship to yoga. The 90 Monkeys Yoga Teacher Training offers a world-class education, grounded in the wisdom of experienced teachers, empowered professionalism, and self-inquiry.

You will:
• Discover the essentials of asana practice including breath, foundation, general form, energy flow and refinement of your poses.
• Explore the full gamut of yoga postures – including standing poses, hip openers, arm balances, backbends, inversions, twists, seated, and restorative poses.
• Learn experiential anatomy and anatomical alignment
• Explore Meditation and Breathing Exercises known as Pranayama
• Become familiar with the comparative study of yoga philosophy – Classical, Advaita Vedanta, and Tantra
• Be introduced to the study of classic texts including the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, including the yamas & niyamas from a Tantric perspective
• Learn how to observe yoga students and teach to what you see
• The use of effective instructional language
• Learn to give fundamental hands on assists and hone your demonstration skills
• Explore how to bring themes and yoga philosophy into classes
• Learn to lead and sequence alignment based vinyasa classes in the 90 Monkeys Yoga method

Due to the intimate nature of this training, we expect it to fill very quickly!






Amy Ippoliti, Co-Founder, Principal Faculty, E-RYT 500

Amy Ippoliti, a gifted teacher’s teacher, has been leading yoga teacher trainings since 1999. Her students have gone on to become leaders, authors, conference presenters, and teacher trainers in the yoga world –  both in the United States and all over the globe! She is revered for her innovative methods that bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern-day life, helping yoga students “turn up their own volume.” After years of feeling powerless to help her teacher training graduates actually survive as yoga teachers, she started studying business, marketing, finances and technology. In 2010, when she felt confident enough to share what she had learned, she created “90 Minutes to Change the WorldTM”. This professional development program inspired her and Taro Smith to found 90 Monkeys. Amy is a writer... Read More

90 Monkeys Certificate of Completion
Training Sessions
Detailed Training Manual
Healthy Snacks




“90 Monkey’s go above and beyond in terms of quality of education and student preparation. I feel that my time spent learning with the staff was very rewarding. The instruction and education I received was top notch and I feel completely confident and trust my own abilities to be a successful yoga instructor having completed this certification. I look forward to learning more from this school.”
~ Nikki Hartley, USA, Meditation & Yoga Instructor

“The 90 Monkey’s 200-hour program provides a phenomenal teacher training education. Amy and the team impart their extensive knowledge of alignment, philosophy, and teaching techniques in a supportive, joyful environment. I highly recommend this program.”
~ Nicole McCormick, USA, Nurse Practitioner 

“This training honestly changed my mindset on yoga and life in such a positive way. I left feeling absolutely inspired and ready to be a vessel of the divine and teacher from my heart with proper alignment and feel very confident in my abilities as a teacher. Amy and Kenny were so fantastic and being teachers for us and sharing they experiences to give us a grand view on what to expect as teachers. I am forever grateful for this school and will be back time and time again to further my training.”
~ Katerina Bolliger, USA, Supplemental Instruction Leader & Yoga Teacher 

“200 hr YTT with 90 Monkeys was one of the best experiences of my life. An amazing program! I will be continuing my 500 hr with them.”
~ Megan Wiles, USA, Registered Nurse & Yoga Teacher

“90 Monkeys is so much more than a school of yoga, it’s a community and one we’ll all be connected to for life. As a Kula, we graduated full of knowledge and curiosity and walked out as different humans. Studying with Amy Ippoliti is more than the study of yoga. It is an intense evaluation of ourselves and peers, culminating in individual power and team strength that I’ve rarely known. I finished with a new perspective on life, and view the world differently as a result. I completed the 90 Monkeys 200hrTT with a sense of hope for humanity and a feeling I can accomplish great things while helping others. My yoga practice has never been more skilled and the best part is, I’m ready to share it with others. Who’s ready? Get it.”
~ Kathryn Taylor, USA, Yoga Teacher

“The 90 Monkeys teacher training program was everything I had hoped for; hard physical work, a beautiful deepening of my practice, introspection and an excellent level of innovative teaching methods. Amy and her team put together a dynamic program and I came away with an appreciation of teaching and greater awareness of my potential for growth. Thank you!”
~ Colleen Long Gottlieb, USA, Gemologist, Jewelry Designer & Yoga Teacher

“The 90 Monkey 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program met, exceeded, and blew up my wildest expectations. I chose it because I wanted to learn from a teacher who understands the biomechanics of the human body and teaches with an alignment perspective. What I got was that and so much more. Amy Ippoliti is an incredible yogi, but most importantly, a radiant, expansive human being and talented teacher. She and her assistants created a place where the culture was uplifting, honesty was key, and vulnerability was natural. They pushed us just enough, and held and supported us as we tore down walls and limitations, looked inside, put on our energy tights, and expanded from the very core of our being to the outer reaches of the universe. This experience is just the beginning of an incredible journey of identifying the greatness that is within and being able to bring it out of everyone I have the privilege to teach. I am looking forward to continuing with 90 Monkeys in the 500-hour program and being part of this community of incredibly talented humans.”
~ Kit Persson, Alaska, USA, Yoga Teacher

“This training was the best experience of my life. Yoga with Amy has changed my outlook on life. I am much happier than I was before.”
~ Satomi Fujii, MD, Japan

“Training with Amy has been one of the most fulfilling, empowering and uplifting experiences of my life. I’ve learned how to have a deeper conversation with my body – one that is healthy, sustainable and uplifting. Amy exudes absolute passion, joy and deep knowledge of yoga and so she naturally passes this on to her students. As a yoga teacher, I feel inspired and confident because I now have the tools to empower my students on and off the mat.”
~ Sarah Diedrick, USA, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach

“Thank you for a truly transformative teacher training experience in Boulder. Each day was gift. Amy’s dedication and commitment to excellence and leadership in instruction was visible every day. She led by example and cultivated a group of trainees who embraced the challenges and intensity of a 5 week training with open hearts. I am grateful to have been included in this adventure of learning!”
~ Elizabeth Gross, USA, Retired School Administrator

“This teacher Training is transformational on so many levels. I not only learned practical skills for teaching, I also shed behavior and attitudes that were holding me back from being my most authentic self. Amy created such a safe space for all of us to learn, make mistakes, laugh, and grow as teachers and as a group.”
~ Rachel Klapper, USA, Yoga and Dance Teacher

“Amy is one of the most masterful teachers under whom I’ve have been blessed and honored to study. She teaches the depths and intricacies of yoga with timely pace, the passionate gusto of a true leader, and the knowledge and expertise of a modern day sage.”
~ David Newbery, Switzerland, Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

“Amy’s TT gave me the momentum I needed to go to the next level. She helped me to get unstuck in places I didn’t realize I was stuck. Amy didn’t just tell me “anything is possible”, she helped me find the tools to grow as a teacher and as a human being.”
~ Patrick Montgomery, USA, Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer

In The Fullness of Time…

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