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Career Consulting

Work with Amy Ippoliti & 90 Monkeys!

Taking eCourses from 90 Monkeys is a great step in rounding our your education as a yoga professional, but to truly shift your career, sometimes what’s needed is some one-on-one consulting to help hold you accountable for taking action and doing self-assessment exercises. It can be powerful to have someone like Amy who has been there before talk through your specific circumstances and help you come up with a clear game plan.

Here are some of the positive outcomes that can occur working with Amy & 90 Monkeys:

  • Get clear about what you want and what precisely you can authentically offer to the world
  • Get a fresh perspective on your career
  • Get motivated at a whole other level to build your career and business
  • Increase your productivity
  • Highlight your strengths, own and transform your weaknesses
  • Explore what’s not working in your life and career, get out of your own way and on to what lights you up in your yoga!

Single Power Monkey Session
Career Objective Intake + Complimentary Consultation

Quarterly Monkey Review Sessions
Career Objective Intake + Complimentary Consultation PLUS 3 Follow-Up Consultations

Monthly Power Monkey Sessions
Career Objective Intake + Complimentary Consultation PLUS 12 Follow-Up Consultations

* Consultations are based on a 1-hour consult.


Compliments for Consultations with Amy Ippoliti:

“The value of the wise counsel we have received from Amy over the course of our yoga school’s growth and development cannot be underestimated.Β  Not only is she a true pleasure to work with, she is an absolute professional with a wealth of experience, expertise, and vision about the business of yoga. We are ever grateful to Amy for her fresh perspective and loving support!”

-Tamika Schilbe & Carolyn Burke, Co-Founders, DevaTree School of Yoga

Read more about Amy IppolitiΒ and how she can enhance your journey!




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