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Yoga Alignment & Essential Anatomy Intensive – 12 Hour



The bulk of this module was presented to a live audience of yoga teachers from all over the world and is now archived in its entirety with video and all-included module materials ready for you to enjoy on your own time.

90 Monkeys method of yoga offers a deep and efficacious approach to asana practice with the goal of enhancing what it means to be in a body.

Through intelligent alignment principles, sound biomechanics, and a workable understanding of anatomy, we aim to make yoga accessible to all those who wish to benefit from this extraordinary practice!

As athletic yoga classes are becoming the industry norm, safety and individualized attention are becoming less and less emphasized in many yoga classes.

This dynamic, virtual 12 hour training will provide you with yoga alignment knowledge, essential anatomy, and core competency that will set you apart from the norm.

You will:

  • Gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of yoga alignment principles
  • Improve your own alignment and feel freer in all of your poses
  • Learn how to look at your student’s bodies and help them enhance their alignment (whether through online meetings or when you are back together in person again!)
  • Refine your ability to demonstrate key principles of alignment to your students
  • Join a community of like-minded yoga teachers who wish to offer so much more than the average yoga class!
  • Have the opportunity to enjoy long, informative practices with Amy on your mat


  • The bulk of the module was presented live and recorded as a live-stream interactive workshop that included a slide presentation and live chat.
  • The live presentation was recorded as 4 video lessons with Amy plus a Bonus Video to watch Amy work therapeutically with two students from the live training.
  • You’ll receive 12 non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance if you are not enrolled in 90 Monkeys 500-hr program.


Session 1: Energy Flows in Standing Poses, Inversions, and Seated Poses
Session 2: Alignment of the Lower body: Hips, Lower Back, Knees
Bonus Video: After Session 2 Amy works therapeutically one-on-one with two of the live trainees
Session 3: Alignment of the Upper Body: Shoulders, Upper Back, Neck, Wrists
Session 4: Surya Namaskar Deconstructed and Review


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