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The Art & Business of Teaching Yoga – 16hr Online Course





What if you woke up every day feeling pumped and energized to teach yoga, instead of dull and uninspired?

What if the thought of your finances gave you confidence and ease instead of dread and worry?

Since the emergence of COVID-19 there’s no mistaking that the yoga industry has been forever changed with the shift to digital yoga.

Even before COVID, yoga teachers and studio owners were navigating challenges that are now compounded by these changes. In other words, teaching yoga has a new level of complexity – if this describes you.


  • Stress about your financial security 
  • Get up each morning feeling overextended with work, house, and family obligations
  • Run out of time to study or prepare for your classes, contributing to your lack of inspiration
  • Want to do personal work and healing, but the hustling has impacted your free time 
  • Worry that no one will show up because they’re all at someone else’s class
  • Find it tough with Zoom to ‘read the room’ and engage when you’re not face to face
  • Struggle with unworthiness holding you back despite the truth:  you’re brilliant!

I can relate, having spent over two decades teaching locally in New York City and Colorado.  And while COVID has impacted me too – teaching online for platforms like and 90 Monkeys has prepared me well for the changes we’re going through.

As far as I’m concerned, Yoga teachers are community heroes.  And like a good Italian mother, I’ve always looked out for yoga teachers to make sure they’re thriving..

So, it’s important you know there’s good news in this equation too!

  • Online yoga is so accessible, students who were daunted by going to a studio are flocking to online learning. 
  • Now you can reach people that never had access to quality teaching.
  • Longtime students have gotten more curious about deeper teachings like philosophy, Restorative yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, & meditation.
  • You’re poised to serve this increased demand – so if you’re like me, this can get you fired up to teach your best!
  • There are digital tools to enhance the learning experience that can be harnessed to improve student outcomes.
  • It is possible to make a substantial living as a yoga teacher, but you need to know how to create your life and work by design rather than by default.

Based on my popular book, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga, we created a course to help you tackle the modern challenges of being a yoga teacher or studio owner head on.

90 Monkey’s Advanced Teacher Training course, ‘The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga’ is an online professional development program that will help propel you forward in the upcoming year and beyond!


  • Discover revenue streams to increase your income through our time tested methods
  • Gain a healthy relationship with marketing, business operation, and money management 
  • Get clear about your brand identity so you can stand out from the masses going online
  • Explore a healthy relationship with social media 
  • Build business skills to create a sustainable career as a full or part-time yoga teacher
  • Learn to keep  classes relevant to the times as a way to build connection & community
  • Explore how to work smarter, not harder
  • Shine light on your strengths & opportunities as a yoga teacher
  • Discover best practices for teaching on platforms like Zoom including:
    • How to create engagement in a Zoom setting
    • Equipment setups, lighting, and camera angles on the part of the teacher as well as the student
    • The pros & cons of practicing with the students vs. observing their screens
    • How to help students use makeshift yoga props from around the house 
    • Learn the difference between a virtual class that builds excitement and retains  and one that makes students want to give up on online yoga!
  • And much, much more!

Once you enroll you’ll gain access to our private Facebook forum where our whole group and past graduates can interact, answer your questions, support you, and help you digest the course materials & action steps.

Learn to take back more time on your mat, build a strong student base, become more financially stable, serve your yoga students in fresh and exciting ways, and inspire even more students to embrace yoga!

Remember. You deserve to flourish. And your student’s are counting on it.

What’s included:

  • 12 hours of live interactive lectures 
  • 4 hours of pre-recorded lectures
  • Access to all content indefinitely
  • Jam packed Digital Manual 
  • 16 CEU credits for Yoga Alliance
  • Access to private Facebook Forum


Sliding Scale
Suggested $299
Min. $99

Tuition for this training is on a sliding scale to ensure accessibility during the pandemic. We set a $99 minimum to cover basic administration, tech, and production expenses. Every dollar helps maintain our team and school operations during this time so we can continue to bring you high-quality yoga education! The minimum is reserved for those who would otherwise be unable to afford access to training at this time. Please choose a price that is appropriate for your current situation.


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