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Finding Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher: Authenticity in Your Offerings



Many yoga teachers, both new to teaching as well as more experienced teachers, struggle with owning their authentic, genuine voice. As a result, their confidence suffers, classes are usually less dynamic, and students are not as committed to coming back for more. Most yoga students seek a teacher who is “real”, can candidly share their experiences, is accessible, and able to motivate them to go further in their practice. Gina Caputo, ERYT 500, will inspire you to be just that teacher for your students.

What’s in the eCourse?
Gina has a wonderful way of putting you at ease while simultaneously getting you fired up to inspire others through your teaching! In her eCourse, you’ll discover:

  • How to own your voice
  • Honor your roots yet speak from your heart
  • Identify areas of empowerment, where you truly shine
  • Develop your niche in yoga
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Speak with your own distinctive voice that sets you a part

Complete with action steps and seven different “OMwork” contemplation handouts to guide your exploration, you’ll finish this course ready to put yourself out there as a yoga teacher with confidence!

How does it work?
The course content is delivered via online streaming video and organized in  2 Modules with 15 lesson videos total.  In addition to the “OMwork” handouts, the course also has a knowledge assessment at the end to help gauge your learning and to credit you as having completed the course. A discussion feature on the first page of the course under the video is included so you can interact with Gina and other 90 Monkeys yoga teachers about your insights and questions. The total running time is 1 hr and 33 minutes.

This course is best suited for newer yoga teachers as well as more experienced teachers who could use a refresher. Great for any teacher who struggles with expressing their voice authentically and from the heart.



“When teaching my first public yoga class last week, I was surprised at how confident I felt in front of the group. I heard myself saying other things than what my yoga teachers say because of the “Finding Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher” course with Gina Caputo.”  – Chelsea R


This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance’s non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.


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