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Beyond the Basics: How to Teach Prenatal-Specific Yoga



Teaching prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to touch the lives of not just one student, but two. With each pregnant mother that we serve through yoga, we have the opportunity to positively affect the lives of the entire family, which is no small undertaking.

As we begin to positively affect and empower mothers and families, we create an entire network of more mindful parenting, which can greatly contribute to positive shifts in the community and even the future sustainability of our planet.

This course is designed to:

  • Give you the tools to create a transformative and inspiring experience for your prenatal and postnatal students.
  • Help you keep them safe and comfortable through the physical practice of yoga.
  • Create an environment where they can learn to trust their instincts and grow into wonderful mothers.

In this course, we will take our knowledge of prenatal yoga to the next level.  We will learn many different ways to modify yoga poses for pregnancy, as well as creating class sequences that serve your students during this informative period in their lives.

What’s in this eCourse?

Carole will be your guide on this more in depth journey through pregnancy and postpartum, building on the foundational information you learned in her 90 Monkeys course, Pregnancy and Yoga: Be Prepared to Serve Prenatal Students in Your Open Classes. In this course, you will learn all you need to know as a yoga teacher offering pre and postnatal specific classes. She’ll cover the process of birth and some common terms to empower you to be knowledgeable about your student’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

You will be directed step-by-step through the physical and energetic aspects of pregnancy, as well as learning key asanas for each trimester. Additionally, this course will offer you many different ways to help your students cope with the common discomforts of pregnancy and the intensity of the birthing experience.

Carole will offer many fresh ideas on pose modifications, pose alternatives, class themes, and class sequences that will keep your students safe, happy, empowered, and coming back for more!

Included with this course, you will receive a guided relaxation script for pregnancy and a sample prenatal yoga class template.

A knowledge assessment at the end of the course will show you how much you’ve learned about serving prenatal and postnatal students in your prenatal classes.

This information will become yet another part of your “yoga teacher tool box”, and you will have all the tools and ideas to create unique and life-changing classes, themed and sequenced just for what a pregnant student needs!

In the eCourse you will explore:

  • Set the stage for success
  • Yoga modifications for each trimester
  • Detailed information on modified poses
  • How to teach creative prenatal workshops
  • The physical, energetic, and emotional changes to expect during pregnancy
  • Posture and the spine during pregnancy
  • Key asanas for for each trimester
  • Key poses for postnatal students
  • How to create the “vibe” for prenatal classes
  • How to build a community of mothers
  • How to create good “prenatal ambience”
  • “Vocal toning”, mantras, and chanting
  • Mudras for pregnancy
  • Yoga empowerment for pregnancy and birth
  • Kriya yoga for pregnancy
  • Meditations for prenatal yoga
  • Partner work for prenatal yoga
  • Prenatal yoga class theme ideas
  • Sample prenatal yoga class template
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, labor, and yoga
  • Yoga poses for childbirth and labor
  • Yoga and birth stories
  • Answers to commonly asked questions
  • A downloadable guided relaxation for your prenatal students

How does it work?

The course content is delivered via online streaming video and organized into 4 modules with 32 video lessons total. The total running time is 4 hours and 16 minutes.


This course is designed specifically for yoga teachers who have already received their general yoga training and wish to take their knowledge of pre and postnatal yoga to the next level and broaden their community offering. Completion of Carole’s first course, Pregnancy and Yoga: Be Prepared to Serve Prenatal Students in Your Open Classes is a pre-requisite for this course.

This course is perfect for any yoga teacher wanting detailed information, ideas, and content for teaching prenatal classes as a specialty offering. It is also well suited to the yoga teacher who is already providing prenatal yoga but would like to hone their skills in teaching prenatal as a specialty and/or add some fresh ideas and perspectives into their teaching.
A basic knowledge of the sanskrit and english names of asanas is helpful.

NOTE: This course assumes that you have the basic knowledge of prenatal yoga.  For the safety of your students, we strongly urge you to complete the pre-requisite course, Pregnancy and Yoga: Be Prepared to Serve Prenatal Students in Your Open Classes  before taking this course.

This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance’s non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.


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