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Path to 500 Hour Certification

The 90 Monkeys path to 500hr Certification is achieved through taking a combination of 4-day modules, week-long Immersions, and independent study hours that add up to 300 hours. These 300 hours of study combine with your current 200hr RYT to achieve your 500hr Certification.

This allows 200hr level teachers the freedom to study the core curriculum of our method, while also enhancing the areas in which you’d like to specialize.

90 Monkey’s Advanced Teacher Training Modules are now available through Package Pricing which allows you to register for more than one module at a time, and in turn save more per module!

If you’re planning on attending more than one module with us this year, then Package Pricing is a no-brainer!

  • Connect with a great community from around the world
  • Custom build your own path to 500-Hour certification
  • Progress through individual modules that cross reference and intelligently inform one other
  • Uncover your greatest potential as a yoga teacher through progressive learning
  • Save more on each module by planning your year of study
  • Study at your own pace!

$420 per Module


$395 per Module


$370 per Module


“Well, there are a million things I would like to say regarding the training we just completed, but it all boils down to one word: WOW. I am still trying to process it all, but I know one thing is true, and that is that this past weekend marked a transition in the way in which I not only teach yoga, but also how I live yoga.

I’ve always felt slightly disingenuous when taking on the yoga teacher role. I live perfectly imperfect, and happily so. I feel as though now I truly understand my place and purpose and how I can give back even greater to the world that surrounds me. Thank you for that.”

~ Yoga Teacher, Colorado

“I want to thank you SOOO much for coming back to NZ and inspiring my practice and my teaching. I remember being so inspired by your teachings last year and using as much as I could remember in my practice and my teaching. It was so great to get reminded of some these this time around but to also delve deeper.  It has changed the way I practice and teach.

I saw a new private client today who actually cried during the session as she said it was the first time she had felt open in the chest and free from pain in her shoulder.  🙂   It was amazing to see the transformation in just one session.

Thank you for your guidance, for inspiring me, for giving me new tools to work with my clients privately and to also experience new openings and strength in my own practice.”

~ Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

“Truly, I am astounded and deeply inspired by your wisdom and teaching skills, every single time. And I’m absolutely delighted by your sense of humor and encouragement. You and your teachings have helped me to change my life in the greatest of ways.

Your assistants gave me some of the most intelligent and enjoyable adjustments I’ve ever received. 

SO… many many thanks your way Amy, from my heart-held-high. But also from my dear students (who are all now flying high with new alignments and poses, thanks to my time with you). Totally worth the 6.5hr drive each way.

I will follow you all over the planet for the rest of my life!”

~ Yoga Teacher, Massachusetts

In The Fullness of Time…

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