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Writing Tips for Yoga Teachers Who Hate Writing

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By Lori Snyder It’s a fairly safe bet that no one ever woke up and thought, “Hey, I love to write! I think I’ll become a yoga teacher!” In fact, for the vast majority of teachers who start to build…

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One Yoga Teacher’s Journey from Self-Doubt to Empowerment

This past week I took down the last of the decor from my yoga teacher pity party. I spent my summer feeling anxious, angry, and negative and quite frankly it was exhausting. However, for whatever reason, changing always seems so…

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Is the 60 Minute Yoga Class Watering Down the Fullness of Yoga?

By Amy Ippoliti and Joey Gottlieb   Yoga is a constantly evolving field with many changes since the arrival of asana classes in the West. One of the most noticeable shifts in recent years has been the shortening of public…

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Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

We loved this Instagram post from our most recent Innovative Teaching Methodology Module graduate, @rebekahboatrite, which put in to words what many of us were feeling after the weekend: Serious brain dump about to happen here so don’t say I…

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The Secret Confidence Booster for Self-Doubting Yoga Teachers

  At the start of every teacher training, I often ask yoga teachers what they hope to get out of studying together. Inevitably teachers share that they feel timid or doubt themselves and want to boost their confidence in the…

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How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Teach Yoga Workshops?

By Sarah Diedrick With most yoga classes being about 60 minutes in duration in many studios these days, workshops are a wonderful way to dive deeper into the practice. By contrast to group classes, workshops are typically anywhere from 2-4…

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How to Improve Retention in Your Yoga Class by Cultivating Community

By Sarah Diedrick It’s been said that community is the number one reason a yoga student comes to class, and the number one reason they return. Cultivating community in a yoga class can serve students and teachers in a profound…

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How Do We Unite as a Yoga Community if We Voted Differently?

By Amy Ippoliti Conversational threads on political social media posts among yogis, like anywhere else, have not necessarily been pleasant these days. You would think yogis would generally be united around their politics but surprisingly just like everywhere else there…

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Be the Good: 90 Monkeys Supports the American Civil Liberties Union

Dear friends of 90 Monkeys, 90 Monkeys was created to help yoga teachers all over the world enhance their teaching skills and pass those on to their students. Yoga means union and as such, that encompasses values such as inclusiveness,…

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Yoga for Athletes

Have you ever been asked to teach a “Yoga for Athletes” yoga class? Maybe you were asked because you’re community knows you’re an avid runner in addition to having a yoga practice. Surely, they assume, you must know exactly how…

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Yoga and Modern Ethics: Beyond the Yamas and Niyamas

Almost every yoga teacher training has a section on ethics, specifically the yamas and niyamas as outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Ethics are particularly important in the teacher-student relationship in yoga because students may be vulnerable when they come to…

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3 Ways to Improve Your Hands On Adjustments in Yoga

As a massage therapist, I consider myself to be pretty well versed in the art of therapeutic touch. I have worked with hundreds of clients and have been fortunate to witness a lot of beautiful healing work unfold under my…

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Teach Yoga with More Confidence and Ease Now

If you teach yoga, having yoga teacher liability insurance is critical to peace of mind and also teaching with confidence. In the world of yoga, or any physical activity for that matter, not all accidents or injuries can be prevented….

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5 Tips For Yoga Teachers: How to Help Direct Students Toward Their Inner Landscape

  As yoga teachers, we know that our yoga practice is an intimate experience where we take time out to drop into our bodies and explore our vast inner landscape. This is a space deep within us that we all…

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Finding Your Niche (or not) as a Yoga Teacher

The yoga industry continues to boom, not only as more people discover the benefits of yoga, but also as more new teachers continue to get certified and spread the magic. Overall, this is a fantastic development, but it does present…

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