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How To Serve Your Mixed Level Students in Online Yoga Classes

  Does this sound familiar? You’ve planned a thorough Zoom class the night before, but when your students start logging in you realize that most of them won’t make it through the sequence you planned! For example, you might have…

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What the Yoga Myths Can Teach Us About Commitment and Authenticity

I have recently gotten into studying yoga mythology and am having a wonderful time not only tying these myths to my asana practice but also to life off of the mat. Recently, I finished the Ramayana, an epic that I’ve…

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Anti-Racism and Representation in Yoga and Wellness Spaces

In 2019 I started my journey to reclaim my ethnic identity as an Asian woman and began the personal work of dismantling my own internalized racism and white supremacy. I decided to share my personal experience of discrimination in yoga…

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A Reckoning: Living Up to Our Values

While I realize that statements and letters at this time might seem performative – it feels more important to acknowledge and speak to this moment we are in than to be quiet. So here goes… One of the three values…

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Why Judgement is a Good Thing In Yoga and Life

How many times have you had a friend exclaim: “Hey, no judgment!” …when you’ve just admitted to staying up past 3AM binge-watching Netflix. How many posts have you seen from parents with the hashtag “#judgmentfreezone” to fend off haters when…

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Quarantine Question: Do you Really Want to go Back to Normal?

  This upside-down, halted, shook up world in which we find ourselves these days has brought up all kinds of wild and interesting conversations, contemplative moments, and of course an inordinate amount of suffering. People keep saying, “when things go…

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My Health Miracle after Restorative Yoga

restorative yoga

  It was winter of 2018 and my partner, Taro had been suffering with the flu for three whole weeks. Despite sleeping in the same bed, I managed to fend it off with immune supplements, going to bed early, and…

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How To Handle Mixed Level Students in Your Yoga Classes

If you teach group yoga classes, you’ve probably been challenged with multiple levels of students all in the same room, especially this time of year when so many yogis and yoginis flock to their mats to fulfill New Year’s resolutions. …

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The Yoga Teacher’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide – 2019

It’s that time of year and we couldn’t resist. We had so much fun compiling our gift guide with a few of our favorite things! We love supporting businesses that have a passion for sustainability, promote a healthy lifestyle, and…

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Develop These Three Traits to Excel as a Yoga Teacher

  There are three qualities of a great yoga teacher that I learned from my own teacher and mentor, Amy Ippoliti. Each time I hear her talk about these qualities, it resonates more deeply than the last. Touching on the…

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Five Ways To Consistently Get On Your Yoga Mat & Practice More

Yoga Practice

  As a teacher busy with planning classes, traveling to and from studios, teaching public classes and privates, balancing home life, and the addictive demands of the constant social media “feed”, it has become increasingly difficult to make time for…

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How Yoga Taught Me how to Handle a Business Crisis

  When I started teaching yoga, I felt confident that my experience in business would serve me well. I had good people skills. I could manage and motivate a group. I possessed strong time management skills and could dispense clear…

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How to Teach a Memorable Restorative Yoga Class

Amy Ippoliti Restorative Yoga

“You’re not giving the student the experience. You’re creating the container for the student to have the experience themselves.”– Judith Hanson Lasater There are a few factors, in my opinion, that shift a Restorative class from good to great. Some…

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Ten Customizable Yoga Blog Posts You Can Write Right Now!

You have a yoga email list. You’re ready to blog or send out an email. You know it’s important. You know your people want to hear from you. You know there are things you want to talk about. Problem is,…

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Find Your Writing Voice as a Yoga Teacher: How to Make Your Writing Sound Like YOU

Writing Yoga Teachers

Writing has become an integral part of being a yoga teacher – we’re not just in the classroom anymore, we’re online, on social media and in print. Whether it be your blog, an Instagram post, or an article for a…

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