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Taro Smith, PhD, Co-Founder

Taro Smith

Taro is a scientist, athlete, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  He has nearly two decades developing innovative organizations in the health and wellness field.  He was instrumental in bringing exercise prescriptions as a standard of care in aging and chronic disease in the medical community.  His research in the areas of exercise, aging, chronic disease and immune function have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. Taro directed programs that have helped a wide range of patient populations ranging from Olympic level cyclists to the world’s oldest pilot.

His earliest memory of yoga was at age five practicing sun salutations.  A severe hip and back injury many years ago brought Taro to think about the role that yoga can play in therapeutics from a holistic standpoint.  Yoga helped balance his western training with his eastern roots and bring a full spectrum (mind-body-spirit) approach to looking at the body.  A certified yoga teacher, he specializes in therapeutic yoga programs (aging, pain, orthopedics) and yoga for sports (cycling, stand up paddle boarding).   He co-directs therapeutic yoga teacher trainings with Amy Ippoliti around the world.

He is a former elite cyclist and skier and spends his free time on marine conservation, art, and photography.  He is a University of Colorado– Boulder graduate with a Ph.D. in Integrative Physiology.

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