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November 1st, 8th, and 15th
9:30-11:00am MST
4:30-6:00pm IST

Entire series: 45 Euros
Single class: 25 Euros

Who ever thought 2020 would turn out this way?

The stress associated with increased time on the internet, long hours at computers, and isolation is having consequences to our health and well being. And if the state of the world has your nervous system on overload, you are HUMAN!

To get through this time, and be at your best for your family, co-workers, and neighbors, it’s imperative that you do something to settle your nervous system, improve your posture, and connect with your highest self. Restorative yoga is the ticket!

Commit to your total wellbeing and join us for a special 3-week series of 90 Minute Restorative yoga practices on Sundays in November in collaboration with Hot Yoga Dublin.

You will need these props or household items:

  • Your yoga mat
  • A hand towel
  • A yoga strap or belt
  • A set of yoga blocks or sturdy thick books
  • A bolster or equivalent (pillow, cushion or rolled blankets)
  • A folding chair or living room furniture
  • 2 to 5 firm blankets


Don’t have props?

No problem. Watch this video on how to make props out of stuff you’ve got laying around your house! Or if you’ve always wanted a set of your own props without breaking the bank, Yoga Outlet has put together an Every Day Restorative Yoga Kit that will outfit you nicely.

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