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Teaching Yoga From the Heart

Instructor: Amy Ippoliti, Co-Founder, Principal Faculty, E-RYT 500

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Teaching Yoga From the Heart

The bulk of this course was presented to a live audience of yoga teachers from all over the world and is now professionally archived in its entirety with video and all-included course materials ready for you to enjoy on your own time.

The world is crying out for yoga teachers who can move people's souls, not just their bodies.

Yoga teaching that connects from the heart and cuts through the noise is what our students are craving - and many don't even know that they do!

Weaving philosophy with heart-centered language into technical instruction in yoga is a skill that separates the "yoga teachers" from the "yoga instructors".

And it's the one thing that will set you apart in a crowded field.

Three main distinctions of a yoga teacher vs. a yoga instructor are:

  1. Yoga teachers offer themes relevant to their student's spiritual, mental, and emotional needs -- responding to current events
  2. They know how to teach from the heart and offer their "real" selves
  3. They integrate heart virtues & yoga philosophy with their technical instruction for a truly embodied practice

In this online module you will:

  • Learn how to weave philosophy and heart-centered language into your technical instructions.
  • Explore what it means to share personal anecdotes with your students
  • Contemplate relevant themes for your students to offer a more integrated experience of yoga
  • Discover how to make your classes more meaningful through heart-centered (but brief!) dharma talks
  • Hone the skills needed to make you stand out in the crowd
  • Contemplate real themes and class plans followed by led practices with Amy
  • Practice giving heart & technical integrated instructions

How does it work?

  • The bulk of the course was presented live and recorded as a live-stream interactive workshop that included a slide presentation and live chat.
  • The live presentation was recorded as 4 video lessons + a bonus pre-recorded asana practice now archived that you'll have complete access to.
  • You'll receive 11 non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance and 90 Monkeys 500-hr program.

Once you enroll the conversation will continue via instant access into our private Facebook forum where Amy and other yoga teachers will be there to interact, answer your questions, support you, and help you digest the course materials & action steps.

You owe it to your career and to your yoga students to be part of this conversation. Be a leader and a role model in today's yoga world!

Here’s what you’ll learn and what we'll talk about in each of the four 2-3 hour course lessons:

Lesson 1:

  • What it means to teach from the heart.
  • What heart language is and how to use it.
  • A formula for building your themes.
  • How to weave technical instruction and heart language together.

Lesson 2:

  • Generating virtues to use during class.
  • How to map virtues with your technical instructions.
  • How virtues and alignment actions map onto the theme of Yoga Sutra 2.1
  • The art of centering.
  • How to formulate an effective dharma talk.

Lesson 3:

  • Theme a class around Boundaries and Freedom with Amy.
  • Different ways to pick poses that match your theme and virtues.

Lesson 4:

  • How to theme classes that aren't binaries or triads.
  • Tying your class back to the highest purpose.
  • Theme a class around Chrysalis and Butterfly with Amy.
  • Bonus video! Amy teaches a class on Chrysalis and Butterfly.

Praise from graduates:

  • "I am still basking in the knowledge, sharing, learning, teaching, and more from this training. The energy that I soaked up has already started to expand outward. It was trans-formative! Amy has THE gift, the secret sauce to teaching, guiding, providing feedback, sharing, giving, etc. My takeaways from this inspiring, worthwhile training: keep it simple; continue to ask questions; practice, practice, practice this yoga journey! I AM STOKED UP!"
  • "After teaching for 8 years and feeling like I have my teaching style "down", Amy showed me how beneficial it can be to gently place that to the side and get truly uncomfortable with some new concepts. I love how the work is never done, as a teacher, as a student, as a human."
  • "I have almost finished my 500-hour training and have found that the 90 Monkeys system of teaching covers all the bases; from alignment, theming and sequencing, philosophy, and everything in between. The training has improved my teaching exponentially. The module is intense and isn't easy, but it is totally worth it, as all things of high value tend to be."
  • "Teaching Yoga from the Heart module was my first teacher training with Amy Ippoliti. With no hesitation I share the excellence of instruction, authenticity, wisdom, love, blessings, community, professionalism, and fullness I received, as well as, confidence within myself to share on and off my yoga inspired." 
  • "For those who are on the journey of self-knowledge, these trainings are your compass. For those who want to give something lasting and meaningful back to the world, these trainings are your nourishment. For those who seek a spiritually-oriented community that will give you a safe place to open your heart, find your courage, and speak your truth; you are home."


Session 1
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Session 2
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Session 3
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Session 4
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Bonus Class: Chrysalis and Butterfly
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KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT: Teaching Yoga from the Heart
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