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Be Prepared to Serve Prenatal Students in Your Open Classes

Instructor: Carole Westerman, MA, E-RYT 500

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What happens if you're not properly trained and a pregnant student walks into your open level yoga class. Are you caught flat-footed? Are you a resource for that student or a liability? If you have ever felt nervous or unsure of what to do when a pregnant woman takes your class, that's totally understandable, but you don't want to put your students at risk!

The best remedy for fear, nerves or lack of proper knowledge is education. As yoga teachers we have the opportunity to touch the lives of many. The yoga room can become a catalyst for positive transformation and personal evolution. As such, it is important that we create a culture in our general classes that is open and accepting to the variety of students that may walk through the studio doors. The largest population of current and potential yoga students are women, which is another reason that it is paramount that we educate and inform ourselves in the areas of pregnancy, pre and postnatal yoga.

In this course, Carole Westerman, MA, RPYT, RCYT, will help you:

  • Be prepared to welcome a pregnant student and handle the multiple scenarios which can arise with pre and post natal students.
  • Become educated about pregnancy, know the proper modifications for each trimester to keep the students safe, and be aware of what to expect in the time frame after childbirth, and how to take care of both prenatal and regular students simultaneously.
  • Acquire knowledge about the experience of pregnancy and labor, postpartum and the related changes that occur in the pregnant body, including the common discomforts and issues common to each of these phases, so you can serve these students well!

What’s in this eCourse?

Carole will be your guide on this journey orienting you to common terminology, the related issues you need to know about as a yoga teacher, and how to welcome and include pre and postnatal students confidently in your general classes. You will be directed step-by-step through each trimester and the postpartum period and given many fresh ideas on modifications and alternatives that will keep your students safe, happy, and satisfied! This information will become yet another part of your “yoga teacher tool box”, and you will be able to easily adapt your classes to fit the needs of your pregnant and postpartum students. The course includes a knowledge assessment at the end to test how much you’ve learned and credit you as completing the course.


In the eCourse you will explore:

  • A description of the prenatal demographic
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists “ACOG” Guidelines
  • Key terms and conditions encountered during pregnancy
  • Milestones and Common Discomforts of each trimester
  • Why yoga and pregnancy are so compatible and how yoga can benefit pregnant students
  • Strategies for enhancing fertility in potential mothers to be
  • Creating connection with pregnant students
  • Safety and liability issues
  • “Core work”, inversions, and twists during pregnancy
  • Setting the stage for success
  • Yoga modifications for each trimester
  • How to modify connecting vinyasa for pregnancy
  • Effective alternatives and “swap-ins”
  • Detailed information about modified poses
  • Pranayama and bandhas during pregnancy
  • Considerations when adjusting pregnant students
  • A description of the postnatal demographic
  • Key terms and conditions for the postnatal period
  • When is it okay to return to practice after having a baby
  • Core reintegration after pregnancy
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions

And, receive a printable Quick Reference Guide to each trimester!


How does it work?

The course content is delivered via online streaming video and organized into 7 modules with 38 video lessons total. The total running time is 4 hours and 40 minutes.



This course is designed specifically for yoga teachers who have already received their yoga training, or are in the process of receiving their training. This course is perfect for any yoga teacher, new or experienced, who needs a solid foundation and/or review of prenatal and postnatal modifications for their general classes. This course provides guidance for the new and/or experienced teacher with some fresh ideas on how to adapt their general classes for pre and postnatal students. It is well suited for teachers seeking additional information to supplement what they’ve already learned about serving this population. This course is a prerequisite for the advanced level course, Beyond the Basics: How to Teach Prenatal-Specific Yoga.


This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance's non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.

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Module 1: Pregnancy Foundations

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Part 1: Who is the Prenatal Demographic?
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Part 2: Exercise Benefits
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Part 3: Exercise Guidelines
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Part 4: Excessive Exercise Symptoms
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Part 5: Key Terms and Conditions During Pregnancy
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Part 6: Milestones & Common Discomforts for First Trimester
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Part 7: Milestones & Common Discomforts for Second Trimester
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Part 8: Milestones & Common Discomforts for Third Trimester
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Module 2: Why Yoga and Pregnancy Are So Compatible

Part 9: How Yoga can Benefit Pregnant Students
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Part 10: Fertility and the Importance of Well Being Before Birth
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Module 3: Yoga & Pregnancy

Part 11: Welcoming and Creating a Connection with Your Prenatal Students
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Part 12: Safety and Liability
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Part 13: “Core Work” and Diastasis Recti
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Part 14: Inversions During Pregnancy
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Part 15: Twists During Pregnancy
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Part 16: Setting the Stage for Success in General Classes
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Module 4: Yoga Modifications Through the Trimesters

Part 17: Modifications for the First Trimester
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Part 18: Modifications for the Second Trimester
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Part 19: Modifications for the Third Trimester
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Module 5: Yoga and Pregnancy in General Classes

Part 20: How to Modify the “Connecting Vinyasa” Flow for Pregnancy
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Part 21: Swap-Ins for Core
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Part 22: Swap-ins for Inversions
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Part 23: Swap-ins for Belly-Down Backbends and Supine
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Part 24: Detailed Information about Modified Poses
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Part 25: Pranayama During Pregnancy
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Part 26: Bandhas During Pregnancy
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Part 27: Adjusting Pregnant Students
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Module 6: Postnatal Students and Yoga

Part 28: Who is the Postnatal Demographic?
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Part 29: Key Terms and Conditions For Postnatal
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Part 30: When It’s “OK” to Return to Yoga Practice
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Part 31: Core Re-Integration After Pregnancy
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Module 7: Most Commonly Asked Questions (And Answers)

Part 32: What if a Pregnant Student is Resistant?
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Part 33: How to Keep Prenatal Students Coming Back to Mixed Level Classes
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Part 34: Can I Teach Pregnant Students?
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Part 35: Considerations for Twin Pregnancies
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Part 36: Summary of Key Points and Action Steps for General Classes
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Part 37: Closing
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You Can Do This! and Knowledge Assessment
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