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Master Your Yoga Observation Skills

Instructor: Amy Ippoliti, Co-Founder, Principal Faculty, E-RYT 500

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Safety is a huge priority in a yoga class and it’s essential that students feel secure, nurtured and well attended to. It’s our job as teachers to encourage consistency in the practice and a healthy curiosity about the body. That's why being able to truly observe your students and teach to what you are observing (rather than being on "auto pilot") is critical as a yoga instructor.

When you “water” your existing students by observing them well and being keen to witness their practice, your students will want to return again and again for practice. But often we get so caught up in thinking about how to articulate our instructions we don’t actually see if the students are following what we are saying!

Observation mastery is a teaching art form and a highly effective way to help advance your student’s poses, assist them with their form, and build trust in the student-teacher relationship.

Students love to be acknowledged and cared for – but why is it that we continually forget that one student in the corner? This course will help you radically improve your skills in observation so none of your students feel ignored or forgotten!

What’s in the eCourse?

Amy delivers the course material in a precise, organized and easy to understand fashion that will prepare you to excel in the area of observation. The course includes not only lecture and helpful graphics, but the camera follows Amy into the classroom as she observes a group of real yoga students. Never before done online, you will get a window into exactly what Amy is seeing and how she responds!

In her eCourse, you’ll discover:

  • What is observation skills mastery?
  • How observation mastery will make you a better teacher
  • How observation mastery will benefit your students and keep them safe
  • How to observe with love and care
  • How to set up the yoga room for optimal observing
  • The “Perch” and how to optimize where you stand in the room
  • How to observe with Eagle Vision vs. Myopic Vision
  • How to get to every student in the room despite when some students seem to disappear
  • What exactly to observe in asana class - and in what order
  • Practical examples in the classroom of observing for basic form, foundation, energy, and refinements
  • Common observation pitfalls
  • How to teach to exactly what you are observing in the room
  • How to get to know your students better through observation, including students with special needs
  • Tips for reading your student’s faces
  • How to be more sensitive to your student’s patterns in the studio
  • Action steps to become an observation skills master!
  • Teacher assessment handouts
  • Knowledge assessment to help gauge your learning and to credit you as having completed the course

How does it work?
The course content is delivered via online streaming video and organized into 4 modules with 15 video lessons total. A discussion feature on the first page of the course under the video is included so you can interact with Amy and other 90 Monkeys yoga teachers about your insights and questions. The total running time is just under 2 hours.

This course is best suited for any level of yoga teacher who feels that there is room for improvement in the area of observation skills.

This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance's non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.



"This is a well crafted course for helping teachers teach better. I have observed that in the "new economy" some teacher trainings are thinly disguised as advanced yoga courses, more to deepen your practice, real light on the actual tools to teach. By comparison, the "Master Your Observation Skills" course would not be interesting at all to someone trying to be a better student, it's one hundred percent a professional tool. Namaste, Amy. Thank you for making this available to a rural teacher like me!"   - Kumari

"I have learned (and some relearned) 10 new things and will incorporate them slowly in all of my classes! Thank you so much and Namaste!" - Lizel C.

"The Observation course is fantastic and it's filled with content that I really have never seen anywhere else and to top it off, it's put together in a clean and understandable way. Sending lots of gratitude and praise your way!" -Allison H.


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Module 1: Why Observation Skills Mastery is Important

Introduction to Master Your Yoga Observation Skills
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Part 1: Why Observation Skills Mastery is Important
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Module 2: Get Started Becoming a Master at Observation

Part 2: Observe With Love and Care
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Part 3: Ideal Room Setup for Observation
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Part 4: Your Stance in the Room
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Part 5: What to Observe
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Module 3: Practical Observation Examples in the Classroom

Part 6: Practical Examples of Observing for Basic Form
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Part 7: Practical Examples of Observing for Foundation
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Part 8: Practical Examples of Observing Energy
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Part 10: Practical Examples of Observing Refinements
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Part 9: Practical Examples of Common Pitfalls
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Module 4: Get to Know Your Students Through Observation

Part 11: Check in Regularly with Special Needs Students
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Part 12: Observe Your Students' Faces!
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Part 13: Observe Your Students Through Listening
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Module 5: Take Action To Become an Observation Master!

Part 14: Observe Your Students’ Patterns
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Part 15: Action Steps
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Closing and Knowledge Assessment
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