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Anatomy 101 for Yoga Teachers: Wonders of the Central Skeleton and Joints

Instructor: Ariele Foster, DPT, E-RYT 500

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The body articulates via hundreds of joints into thousands of possible asanas. A steady yoga asana practice sustains and expands the body’s range of motion. As we know, pressing into the edge of our physical possibility can create beautiful backbends and other shapes, or can lead to injury.

Why is understanding the central skeleton and spine necessary for yoga teachers?

  • It will bolster your confidence while teaching yoga to a wide range of bodies
  • It will enable you to teach classes where student breakthroughs occur as a norm
  • It will expand your capacit to keep students safe
  • It will improve your ability to teach appropriately to students' past and/or lingering injuries
  • It will provide you with a gauge to measure your flexibility and that of your students

This course invites yoga teachers and practitioners to discern intelligently how we expand our range of motion. It reveals secrets of our joints, ligaments, proprioception, hormones, one’s underlying “flexibility” and precise detail about the skeleton’s central structures in relation to an asana practice.

Classes where student breakthroughs occur as a norm and where injury is not a common word -- they are not based on intuition alone. Those teachers harness the best understanding of anatomy as it relates to asana. That is what we offer in this course.

What’s in this eCourse?

The Wonder of Bones and Joints is designed to provide relevant, lively insight into bones, joints and the axial skeleton and expand your confidence and capacity to keep students safe.

It is a digestible download of Ariele's extensive study of anatomy and biomechanics in her quest for her physical therapy doctorate, 13 years of teaching yoga, and her experience healing patient injuries, including her own injury from yoga.

In this eCourse, you will discover:

  • The inner structure of joints
  • Ligament properties, and the changes that occur with sprains
  • Proprioception, or where you are in space
  • An easy flexibility test used by medical professionals
  • Relevant structures of vertebrae and the spine
  • The structures of the pelvis
  • How to stabilize SI (sacroiliac) joints
  • Ribs and how they move with breath
  • The basics of common pathologies affecting bones and joints, including: Osteoporosis, Spinal stenosis, Arthritis, Radiculopathy and Sciatica

… all while referencing asana to keep the content alive for you

The results?

Deeper confidence while teaching yoga to a wide range of bodies.

How does it work?

The course content is delivered via online streaming video and organized in 6 Modules with 9 lesson videos total, plus a downloadable glossary of terms. The course also has a knowledge assessment at the end to help gauge your learning and to credit you as having completed the course. A discussion feature on the first page of the course under the video is included so you can interact with Ariele and other 90 Monkeys yoga teachers about your insights and questions. The total running time is one hour. While viewing these videos be ready to stand up and try some yoga poses with Ariele to experience your bones directly!


This course is designed specifically for all yoga teachers wishing to gain more credibility and expertise in their field and inspire their students through a more thorough understanding of the human body. It is also great for dedicated yoga practitioners wishing to deepen their practice through a greater grasp of human movement and asana. Some knowledge of sanskrit asana names is helpful.

This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance's non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.

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Module 1: Get to Know Your Joints

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Part 1: Defining and Classifying Joints
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Module 2: Ligaments, Joint Flexibility and Where You Are In Space

Part 2: Ligaments, Joint Flexibility and Where You are In Space
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Part 3: The Role of Ligaments, Proprioception and Sprains
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Module 3: Essence of the Spine

Part 4: Flexibility and Hormones
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Part 5: Vertebral Structure and Caring for Nerve Roots
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Part 6: Disc Health in Asana
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Module 4: The Pelvic Bowl

Part 7: Bones and Joints of the Pelvis and Safety in Twists
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Module 5: The Thorax

Part 8: The Ribcage, Breath and Osteoporosis
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Module 6: Select Conditions

Part 9: Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis and Sciatica
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Conclusion and Knowledge Assessment
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