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90 Minutes to Change the World – Instant Access

Instructor: Amy Ippoliti, Co-Founder, Principal Faculty, E-RYT 500

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In November of 2013, this course was presented to a live audience of yoga teachers from all over the world and is now professionally archived in its entirety with high quality audio, video and all-included course materials ready for you to enjoy on your own time.

Become a 90 Minuter! Join our international community of yoga teachers and studio owners!

90 Minutes to Change the World Signature Course is an online business of yoga and professional development program that focuses on common challenges faced by yoga teachers and studio owners today, such as crowded markets, not enough students, insufficient time to get on the mat, and the struggle to stay inspired. This course has helped hundreds of yoga teachers solve these issues and thrive in their communities!

Once you enroll you’ll gain instant access into our private Facebook forum where Amy and other graduates in the 90 Minutes community (“90 Minuters” as we affectionately call them!) will be there to interact, answer your questions, support you, and help you digest the course materials & action steps.

Amy will teach you how to take back more time on your mat, build a strong student base, become more financially stable, serve your yoga students in fresh and exciting ways, and inspire even more students to embrace yoga!

This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance’s non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each of the four course modules:

Module One – Overview & Nuggets to Get Started

  • Tell the difference between a “Good”, “Great” and a “Successful” yoga teacher and how you can be all three!
  • Start getting results in your classes immediately through bite-sized nuggets on each of the 8 main topics covered throughout the course
  • Create our tried and true binder system to organize all aspects of your teaching
  • Instructional PDF’s on how to create your binder and get the most out of the course

Module Two – Creating the Basic Structures to Set the Stage for Inspired Teaching

  • Maintain a regular and expansive yoga practice while teaching
  • Manage your time effectively as a yoga teacher
  • Solidify your business fundamentals
  • Gain a 21st century understanding of modern ethics that goes beyond the Yamas and Niyamas
  • Schedule your classes for the greatest success
  • Integrate seva and contribution into your overall vocation as a yoga teacher
  • Create a powerful mission statement
  • Hold yourself accountable for setting up your professional teaching business with worksheets and homework assignments

Module Three – The Power of Interaction, Building Relationships and Learning to Love Marketing

  • Understand the “Client Cycle”, the key to student retention, and the power of word of mouth
  • Use social media specifically as a yoga teacher building community
  • Relate to ANY audience so your teachings are well received by EVERYONE
  • Build healthy relationships with studio owners so you are more likely to the get time slots on the schedule that suit you and the students best
  • Enhance your classes and build your community during your time at the studio
  • Flex your “charisma muscle” and be so darn good at what you do that students are inspired to keep returning to yoga
  • Invest in your students’ lives to enhance your relationships
  • Develop your distinct voice and attract the kinds of students you love so you can enjoy teaching even more
  • Create a marketing plan and know your ‘marketing funnel’
  • Implement more strategies for building a loyal following and sizable contact list
  • Hold yourself accountable to building key relationships and applying great marketing strategies with worksheets and homework assignments
  • Knowledge assessment to gauge your learning

Module Four – Mo’ Mats! Mo’ Mats! Plus Themes n’ Things that Move Your Students

  • Turn your class into an event that students won’t want to miss
  • Double your attendance each class if that is your goal
  • Pace your class masterfully with key teaching tools
  • Create dynamic themes that motivate and uplift your students
  • Stop talking! Learn to pause and say just what is needed to serve the students
  • Share with students the benefits of what you are teaching so they stay motivated and fired up
  • Learn what attracts and what repels yoga students
  • Continue building inspiring themes with worksheets and homework assignments
  • How to land the most optimal teaching gigs at an existing location
  • How to build community in rural areas
  • Hold yourself accountable to increasing your class attendance and creating new themes with worksheets and homework assignments

As part of the course, students receive:

  • Access to our private online Facebook Forum where you can post questions and insights, converse with other teachers in the 90 Minutes community, and receive public responses from Amy and others
  • Written homework and teaching exercises designed to support you in refining your teaching and staying accountable to your business goals
  • Bonus video training with Dr. Douglas Brooks on “Money, Value, Worth: Understanding Yoga From Its Sources”
  • Advanced marketing contemplation sheets
  • Instructions on how to organize your teaching into one binder
  • A guide to picking “Pinnacle Poses”
  • Marketing reference sheets
  • Vinyasa and alignment-based yoga class planning templates & instructions
  • Training on “Presence” with Sanskrit extraordinaire, Manorama!
  • A knowledge assessment quiz to gauge your learning

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We have bulk rates and incentives. Contact us about our Partnership Program at info@90monkeys.com

“Just a quick Love-Note to tell you how much I am LOVING the 90 Minutes course!  In fact, I love it so much that I'm progressing through it quite slowly. Each module is like a morsel of the finest chocolate--so deliciously exquisite that I want to savor every tasty bite (byte!?!)  I'm watching the modules over and over, steeping in the wisdom shared by you and other teachers taking the course.  I can already tell a difference in my approach to teaching, and it's providing a huge inspiration to both my own practice and my teaching. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.” ~ Rebekah

“You will find practical information on how to become a better teacher that has nothing to do with asana or alignment. You will learn how to set up a successful ‘business.’ Yoga teachers are usually good at teaching. They need advice on how to manage and market their profession. This is the type of information someone can get out of this seminar.” ~ Roula Lempetli


This eCourse meets Yoga Alliance's non-contact hours requirements for continuing education.

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