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A Reckoning: Living Up to Our Values

While I realize that statements and letters at this time might seem performative – it feels more important to acknowledge and speak to this moment we are in than to be quiet.

So here goes…

One of the three values we hold as a school is Integrity in Community.

It’s one of our values because we understand that we’re each other’s keeper, and we understand the power of collective support and accountability.

It’s one of our values because we understand the truth that none of us can be free until we are all free.

In light of the brutal killing of US Citizens: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey and the velocity of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in this new era, we are asking ourselves:

  • Where have we been neglecting our values by not doing enough to fight daily for Black Liberation?
  • What will we commit to do proactively every day to dismantle systemic racism in our communities, yoga spaces, and personal networks?
  • How will we honor our responsibility to the collective and not leave this fight up to communities of color alone, when this is arguably a white, not black problem?
  • How will we fully live up to our values in this moment?
  • As ever, yoga for our school has always been about direct engagement and ACTION in the world, rather than checking out from what the world is offering. We are not here to meditate our way to light and love, we’re here to do the work.

Anti-racism is not a one time act, it is a daily practice.

Our school has donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and organizations across the country that are working hard to promote racial justice and rid our country of white supremacy, such as Reclaim the Block, Movement for Black Lives, and Black Visions Collective.

We have committed to increase the use of our voice and platform to amplify Black voices, end injustice, and call in our fellow white and non-BIPOC community to make anti-racism a practice too.

In our practice of anti-racism, we have recommitted to continually educating ourselves and learning from our mistakes as we go.

Please join me as we fight for Black liberation and Black lives.

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