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Five Ways To Consistently Get On Your Yoga Mat & Practice More

Yoga Practice


As a teacher busy with planning classes, traveling to and from studios, teaching public classes and privates, balancing home life, and the addictive demands of the constant social media “feed”, it has become increasingly difficult to make time for your own yoga and meditation practices.


We’ve said this for years, but yoga teachers are often the last ones to get on their mats. But if you think about it, this would be like a concert pianist, barely touching the piano keys before a performance!


Practice Yoga More Often to Fill your Vessel

Five Ways to Get On Your Yoga Mat & Practice More


Optimize Your Schedule

Optimizing your schedule is the most effective way to make time for your own practice. This includes maximizing your schedule to include the most ideal timing for your public and private classes – this could include teaching at times when the most students can attend, or teaching at times of the day when you know you are at your most clear and energetic. If possible, pick your class locations that are also near the places you shop or regularly do errands to save time while you’re out of the house. Make sure to put your practice on your calendar as though it was an official private or group yoga class. Otherwise the day’s various tasks and distractions will take priority rather than your practice!

Create a Sacred Space

It’s hard to get on the mat when you don’t have a dedicated space in your house. If you can’t clear out an entire room, don’t worry! Finding a little slice of your bedroom, living room, office, or spare room is all you need. As long as there’s a spot to place your mat or create a little altar where you can place meaningful items, you’re good to go! Pro Tip: make sure you see your mat everyday as a constant reminder!

Start a Teachers Practice

Getting together with your fellow teachers to practice not only builds community, it can up-level your personal practice and teaching. Knowing that other people are counting on you to show up will keep you accountable and re-inspire a stale practice. If you are organizing, make sure you send a day before reminder to the teachers for each practice. This may seem too detailed oriented but the reminders are the key to keeping the other teachers consistent too!

Keep a Practice Journal

This is one of our favorite tips for getting inspired to be on your mat. Your practice journal is a place for you to jot down what you’re working on in your practice, successes, breakthroughs, and any creative sequences that come up while practicing. Having these insights written down will provide an abundant, natural source of inspiration for your classes.

Give Yourself the 10 Minute Gift

We tend to think that the only worthy duration for a good practice is 60 minutes or more. Take some pressure off yourself by rolling out your mat, setting a timer for 10 minutes, and just playing! When the timer ends you can choose to keep on practicing if you’re in a groove or get going with the rest of your day with positivity and enjoy the benefits of the small amount you did.

If doing all five of the above isn’t possible just yet, then pick one or two to get started on now.

Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other tips you’ve used to help you prioritize your teaching and well being through consistent practice!

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