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Ten Customizable Yoga Blog Posts You Can Write Right Now!

You have a yoga email list.

You’re ready to blog or send out an email. You know it’s important. You know your people want to hear from you. You know there are things you want to talk about.

Problem is, you can’t think of a single one of them.

Does this sound familiar? It’s one of the biggest obstacles many of us face when sitting down to write to our lists.

To help you past this hurdle—or just to inspire you—here are ten totally customizable blog posts or newsletter topics that you can take and run. Just fill in the blanks with whatever resonates with you, and you’re ready to go.

Think of these as Yoga Teacher Blog Posts: The Mad Libs Remix. Like Mad Libs, you can also reuse them over and over by simply filling in the blanks with different things.

Now, of course, all my examples have a bit of my voice in them. But as soon as you fill them in with your own words, they will sound like you—whether you’re gentle, irreverent, funny, thoughtful, inspiring, poetic, or anything else. That’s the joy of the customizable bit.

Also, I’ve purposely tried to offer ideas that are a little off the beaten path, so have fun and play around! With any luck, these ideas will also open up some ideas of your own.

Feel free to use these ideas as post titles, or just use them as a way to get started and then find a title from the post itself once it’s written. Do whichever makes more sense for you.

Happy writing!

1. What [insert current pop culture craze] Taught Me About [yoga idea, term, or philosophy]

Example: What Hamilton taught me about ahimsa

2. Sick? Tired? Sad? This Book Will Cure What Ails You!

…and then, write a gushing review of your favorite book, yoga-related or otherwise

3. Five Movies/Books/Blogs Every [adjective] Yogi Should See/Read/Check Out

Example: Five Movies Every Urban Yoga Should See; Five Blogs Every Over-50 Yogi Should Read

4. My Favorite 10-minute Yoga Routine For [fill in real problem your students have]

Example: My favorite 10-minute yoga routine for news overwhelm

6. How To [yoga pose, term, or activity] While [non-yoga-related activity]

Example: How to open your hamstrings while binge-watching Netflix

8. How To Use Yoga To Get More [activity/thing your mailing list wants]

Example: How to use yoga to get more time to write

9. A Cheat Sheet For [yoga pose or idea]

Example: A Cheat Sheet for aparigraha/non-coveting

And, if you’re feeling brave…

10. My Yoga Thoughts On [fill in controversial current event]

Example: My yoga thoughts on school shootings and what we all need to be doing now

Most of all, don’t be afraid to write about exactly what you want to write about, in exactly the way you want. It’s always possible you’ll lose a few people, but in the process you’ll not only gain more of the people you actually want, but more of yourself.

About the Author
Lori Snyder, E-RYT, is a yoga teacher, former studio owner, writer, and editor. She is the founder of Yoga:edit, which helps yoga teachers write their books, blog posts, and teacher training manuals, and her favorite work is helping good people write good things.

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