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Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

We loved this Instagram post from our most recent Innovative Teaching Methodology Module graduate, @rebekahboatrite, which put in to words what many of us were feeling after the weekend:

Serious brain dump about to happen here so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just finished my first training at @90monkeys with @amyippoliti and holy shit I feel like I’m high on information. I absorbed so much this weekend and I’ve just been trying to process it all.
Sometimes I think we forget, as students and teachers, that our teachers had teachers and their teachers had teachers and the lineage goes on.

To learn from someone who has spent YEARS dedicated to their practice and learning, all the hard work that had and continues to be put in, and then sharing all that knowledge with growing teachers and students is a pretty amazing thing to be on the receiving end of. Not to mention the vast amount of knowledge, insights, and support all my peers brought.

I left feeling empowered, inspired to teach again with confidence, and committed to being a student again. I can’t believe the training is already over but looking forward to next month immensely 🐒

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In The Fullness of Time…

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