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Teach Yoga with More Confidence and Ease Now

If you teach yoga, having yoga teacher liability insurance is critical to peace of mind and also teaching with confidence.

In the world of yoga, or any physical activity for that matter, not all accidents or injuries can be prevented. And make no mistake, as “namaste” as a student might seem, you don’t know who might sue you for something that was not even your fault!

Should someone file a lawsuit against you and you’re not covered by yoga teacher liability insurance, you could have a time consuming, financially draining nightmare on your hands.  A yearly policy is less than $300 – a small price to pay in order to protect yourself from the potential endless legal fees and wasted time in the event of a lawsuit.

Who wants the stress?

Rather than shy away from this possible reality of our profession, let’s take a deep breath and dive in.

As movement instructors who sometimes incorporate hands-on adjustments, yoga teachers are at risk for bodily injury claims. If a litigious student who was injured in your class wants to sue you to help them pay for medical bills or for other reasons, they can. This could even include just slipping or falling in your class, which we know definitely happens (think arm balances!).

So what’s the solution?

Protect yourself with yoga teacher liability insurance! This is a standard practice for many other healthcare practitioners, fitness professionals, and movement teachers. It is one yoga teachers should embrace.

90 Monkeys recommends liability insurance to all our graduates and many yoga studios require that you have an active policy.

What’s ultimately most at stake? Your teaching!

Financial security and peace of mind are the greatest gifts that come from being insured. Rather than teaching yoga from a place of fear and expending unconscious mental energy worrying about whether you might be sued, you can be a confident, authentic, and professional in your teaching and give the most to your students!

Ideally, you’ll never have to take advantage of your insurance policy, but should you need to, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief that you’re covered.

If you’re not yet insured, take action now!
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