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You Won’t Believe What These All-Star Yoga Teachers Had to Say About Their Body Image

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Yoga teachers aren’t supposed to get insecure about their bodies, right? In this transparent and dynamic discussion, three leading voices in the yoga community discuss their own personal experience with food and body image challenges and the pressures yoga teachers…

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Yoga Teachers: This Summer, Get Ready for Fall!

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  In the yoga world of the Northern Hemisphere, one could say that we have two high seasons, or “Januarys”. There’s January, and then there’s September. September is almost like the beginning of a whole new year with summer coming…

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The Art of the Yoga Teaching Audition


In the increasingly competitive world of professional yoga, simply having a venue in which to share your teachings is an achievement. The common space for the modern teacher is a yoga studio, and whether you are a new or seasoned…

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Five to Thrive | Yoga and Women’s Health


When it comes to women’s health, yoga has the potential to contribute to both prevention and healing. Let’s talk about the health issues women are facing today. Once we have the background information on disease and risk factors, it will…

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Why the Business Of Yoga is More Complex Than You Think


Typically, we yoga teachers like to think of ourselves as students of yoga who teach as a natural evolution of our studies. We often make the point that we are not “numbers” people, have no skills in accounting or business,…

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Is it Time to Update Your Yoga Space?


I have always believed that an upgrade of your physical space can up your game, calm your mind, and help you become more creative and inspired. In the same way that we strive to surround ourselves with inspiring and positive…

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Yoga Minuti: How to Stay Inspired in Your Yoga Sequences


90 Monkeys is excited to present the second episode of Yoga Minuti, a series of short informative videos with long time yoga teacher trainers, Gina Caputo and Amy Ippoliti, both of whom happen to be very Italian! The two yoga…

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90 Monkeys Has a New Faculty Member: Carole Westerman, MA, RPYT, RCYT

Carol Westerman

You may be familiar with Carole Westerman, MA, RPYT, RCYT whose popular articles, Downward Facing Yoga Mama: Inversions and Safety During Pregnancy, Core Considerations for Yoga During Pregnancy and Yoga and Pregnancy: Supportive and Safe Savasana, have graced our news section this last…

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90 Monkeys Has a New a Faculty Member: Welcome, Ariele Foster, DPT!


We are so excited to share this news with you! We’ve added an accomplished, inspiring teacher to our 90 Monkeys faculty: Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT 50. Ariele is a physical therapist, yoga teacher, anatomy faculty for yoga trainings, and…

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Yoga and Pregnancy: Supportive and Safe Savasana


As yoga teachers, how we react when pregnant students walk into our classes can have an impact on the way the students view their pregnancies.   If we react to pregnant students with eyes that grow three sizes, a gasp and…

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Monkey Bites – World Holidays with Douglas Brooks, Ph.D: Halloween!


Halloween is here! 90 Monkey’s faculty, Douglas Brooks, Ph.D shares the history and meaning of Halloween which is celebrated on October 31 every year. Discover the significance of the time of the year, of disguise, of “Trick or treat”… and…

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Core Considerations for Yoga During Pregnancy


As yoga teachers, the likelihood of us having pregnant women in our classes at one point or another, is very high.  Therefore, it’s important for us to be able to confidently and knowledgeably guide women through their practice. The issue…

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Tip for Yoga Studios: Show ‘Em Where it All Goes Down!

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Tip: If you run a yoga studio, consider including photos of your studio space(s) on your website for people to view before they come. When I look for a place to practice yoga, I research the teacher and whether the…

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Niche Populations and Teaching Yoga: Are You Reaching Them?


Yoga teachers complain to me consistently these days about how they are bumping into each other in an over saturated market. These teachers are primarily reaching out to Level 2 students because that seems like the right thing to do….

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Monkey Bites – World Holidays in Yoga with Douglas Brooks, Ph.D: Navaratri!


  Navaratri is here! The nine nights of the Goddess, celebrated each fall season. 90 Monkey’s faculty, Douglas Brooks, Ph.D shares the history and meaning of the Indian Holiday. This year Navaratri begins Saturday, the 5th of October and will…

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