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  • Master Your Yoga Observation Skills

    by amy 17 Lessons $64.00

    Safety is a huge priority in a yoga class and it’s essential that students feel secure, nurtured and well attended to. It’s our job as teachers to encourage consistency in the practice and a healthy curiosity about the body. That’s…

  • Finding Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher: Authenticity in Your Offerings

    by amy 15 Lessons $64.00

      Many yoga teachers, both new to teaching as well as more experienced teachers, struggle with owning their authentic, genuine voice. As a result, their confidence suffers, classes are usually less dynamic, and students are not as committed to coming…

  • Foundations of Yoga Philosophy for Teachers: Early Traditions

    by amy 44 Lessons $149.00

      Our students seek out yoga for many reasons, but ultimately they want to be happy and live more meaningful lives. Yoga philosophy holds the key to a more conscious experience of being alive and yet so much of yoga…

  • The Rasa of Sanskrit: The Essence of Correct Pronunciation

    by amy 19 Lessons $64.00

    Do you struggle to pronounce asana names in class? Do you stumble when trying to say words like “prasarita padottanasana”, knowing you’ve probably emphasized the wrong syllable?

    Dr. Douglas Brooks– Professor of Religion at the University of Rochester and scholar of Hinduism, south Asian languages, and the comparative study of religions– systematically presents the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit words that are important for you as a yoga teacher.

  • The History and Importance of the Sanskrit Language

    by amy 32 Lessons $99.00

    As yoga teachers, we use Sanskrit regularly– to cue asana, to communicate philosophical themes, to study the history and philosophy of yoga, and more. Yet we may not understand just why it’s so important as yoga professionals to have a basic knowledge of this sacred language. What are its origins? Why is it considered the language of the gods? What makes it so distinct?

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