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How to Run a Beginner Yoga Series

Instructor: Amy Ippoliti

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Have you thought of running a Beginner Series but figured it required too much work or business acumen? Have you tried running a Beginner Series without much success? Are your basic level drop-in classes a little lackluster and bare?

This program helps yoga teachers and studios:

  • Serve the 7 billion people who have yet to try yoga!
  • Make a meaningful connection with a brand new beginner, so you have a student for life!
  • Launch a Beginner Series to introduce a whole new group of students to yoga and build a new student base exponentially. Afterwards, these students will naturally want to continue the practice by joining your regular basic level and mixed level classes!

Amy will show you the key steps for creating, marketing and delivering a highly successful Beginner Series. In addition, you’ll learn a sample sequence formula for Basic Level Drop-in Classes that will encourage basic level students to keep up a regular practice at your classes each week.

We’ve included:

  • A checklist to keep you motivated and on-track for your launch
  • A sample curriculum to guide your teaching for your series
  • A sample sequencing formula for Basic Level Drop-In Classes
  • Pricing option charts
  • Sample promotional messages for social media, email and your website
  • A key to promoting your series when you’re reaching out to populations you don’t know yet

This course is crucial for yoga teachers and studio owners who want to serve more people and build their student base.


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