• Faculty Presenter: Amy Ippoliti


    This program is designed to help yoga teachers and studios maintain and grow their class sizes even during the classically slower off-season or summer months when most classes suffer.  You will learn to successfully promote your classes before and during the peak of the off-season so that your students will not want to miss class, even as nature beckons them away from the studio!

    Amy teaches you how to maintain your earnings during the leanest months of the year, be fresh and creative designing summer yoga classes and events, create classy marketing campaigns to convey to your students the value of doing yoga in the summer or off-season, and drive 10-20% more students to your summer or off-season yoga classes than usual!

    We’ve included several bonus materials to help you get ready for your off-season, including:

    • A checklist for creating, marketing, and delivering your off-season or summer offerings
    • A schedule of email templates you can send to encourage students to attend your class or studio in the summer or off-season.
    • Sample promotional posts and tweets for social media and your website
    • A list of value propositions and benefits to keep building community and inspiring your students to practice through the off-season or summer months
    • Sample membership promotions
    • Sample summer-specific ideas for your classes

    This course, available via online streaming, is imperative for yoga teachers and studios who want to maintain or increase their class sizes during the off-season; keep their businesses flourishing during the slower months; improve at designing and teaching more compelling summer yoga classes; and get even more creative with their offerings.


     “Thanks for all your great tips in this workshop. Summer in my area was a much slower than a typical summer at all the studios where I teach. However, I brought fresh drinks to both of my lunch yoga classes all summer long, and I’ve had some of the best attendance! I don’t think people were coming for the beverages. I think it’s because they knew that I was still fully showing up for them. :)”    -Jennifer O.


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