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2016 – The Year of the Monkey: Inspiring Possibility and Energy for Yoga Teachers

We are excited about 2016 for a whole bunch of reasons. A brand-new, innovative Advanced Teacher Training Curriculum, a new addition to our 90 Monkeys family (see the photo), and our third annual 200 Hour Teacher Training, which promises to be the best yet!

Owen Jackson - born healthy and happy to our Director and Videographer Chelsea and Rob!

Owen Jackson – born healthy and happy to our Director and Videographer Chelsea and Rob!

While we are getting fired up seeing some of our larger goals and dreams taking form, we are just as excited to see our 90 Monkeys community growing and succeeding! It may be no coincidence that this upcoming year is: the year of the monkey!


What Does The Year of The Monkey Mean?
We investigated some of the mythology (East Asian and the mythology of our own tradition, Hindu) surrounding the year of the monkey and were inspired by what we found!

Not only are we excited by what may lie ahead, but we were delighted by the rich wisdom and lessons of some of the traditional lore around this subject. We think you’ll love it as well, whether it’s inspiration for theming classes, giving dharma talks, or just contemplating your own life.

In traditional East Asian astrology, it is said that those born under the sign of the monkey are clever, sociable, and lively. Monkeys are adaptable and versatile, and also seek stimulation and humor in most situations. Creativity is the province of the monkey, and monkeys will most likely succeed in whatever venture they choose if they are willing to do the work that is required and also to stay focused.

And Then There’s Hanuman…
If you’re looking for an example that’s a little more familiar, think of perhaps the most famous monkey in Hindu myth: Hanuman, the monkey god. As a child, Hanuman was clever and mischievous.

Hanuman represents the wind, flying and leaping all over the subcontinent (think of Hanumanasana – full splits!), and also the heart. His powerful compassion and devotion won him many battles and inspired his many selfless acts.

And There’s Fire!
This particular year is not only ruled by the monkey but also the element of fire, and promises to be a magnificent year for innovation and taking chances. Just like the fire element in yoga and ayurveda (agni), a lustrous, manifesting energy infuses this new year.

This fiery year will ignite ambition and the willingness to work, encouraging those who are pursuing their creative and professional dreams to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

It is thought that in the year of the monkey, wit and imagination are naturally increased, but so is people’s capacity to become tricksters, so don’t be taken for a fool!

The monkey year moves quickly, so stay aware of what is happening around you so you will not be swept up in this stimulating new year, nor lose your way.

In Summary
Overall, although the speed and excitement of the new year may take some adjusting to, it promises to be one of thrilling possibility. Best wishes from the 90 Monkeys team for a tree-climbing, branch-swinging, monkey-fied, fantastic 2016!

How does the monkey inspire you this new year? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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In The Fullness of Time…

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